Deleted Scenes from Before Sunrise

These two photos appear to be of a deleted scene. Notice that Celine is holding a cigarette in her right hand in both pictures.



The photo below is of another deleted scene. Although it isn't in the movie, it does show up as a brief clip in the movie trailer.

The photo below appears to be of an alternate take of the morning-after scene in which Jesse and Celine listen to the harpsichord. Compared to the scene in the movie, it appears to have been shot much earlier in the morning.

Here is a photo of the scene that appears in the movie. Notice the contrast.


The photo below may be part of a deleted scene or may simply be a publicity photo. Notice that Jesse and Celine are standing next to a merry-go-round. If it is indeed a deleted scene, it likely occurs right after the moment in the film when Jesse jumps onto the merry-go-round and tries to grab Celine but fails.


The above photo appears to have inspired one of the posters for the film.


The Most Shocking Deleted Scene of Before Sunrise

There is a deleted scene in the movie in which Celine is shown to have scars on her wrists, revealing that she very recently tried to kill herself. Reportedly, it's a small moment; there's a close-up on Jesse's face in which he reacts to it but doesn't say anything.

I think the scene was better left out, as it might have made the love story less believable. Jesse probably would have been reluctant to get deeply involved (i.e. fall in love) with someone who he thought might be unstable (and less likely to want to meet up with her again six months later). Besides, Celine acts pretty upbeat throughout most of the movie, not at all like someone who has recently tried to kill herself.

Despite the removal of the scene, traces of the suicide angle remain in the film. For one thing, Celine is preoccupied with death, saying that she thinks about it 24/7. She's fascinated with the cemetery in which many of the people buried there died by jumping into the river and committing suicide. And during the discussion at the pinball machine she tells Jesse that she was "traumatized" when her ex-boyfriend broke up with her six months earlier, and she went to see a shrink who believed she was going to kill him. This part of Celine's past always seemed bizarre to me, but now it makes perfect sense because she was suicidal.

Also, during the fake phone call, Celine says that the only person she could ever hurt is herself. The fortune teller appears to sense her inner turmoil, saying, "Only if you find peace within yourself will you find true connection with others." In the church, Celine says she always has "this strange feeling that I am this very old woman laying down about to die." And Celine's line in the park that night to Jesse about how he "couldn't possibly know how important a night like this is to my life right now" can be seen in a whole new light.

Furthermore, the sequel, Before Sunset, has some interesting moments that could be interpreted to imply that Celine is or was suicidal. Celine tells Jesse that she thought he made her character in the book "neurotic" (if he believed she was suicidal, then this would make sense); and Celine jokes that whenever she calls her mother to tell her that she loves her, her mother is worried that she is going to commit suicide. These things are almost certainly coincidental, but still fascinating nonetheless.

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Before Sunset Deleted Scenes?

Reportedly, Before Sunset has no deleted scenes because the movie was shot in real-time. As a result, none of the scenes could be cut or trimmed without disrupting the flow of the story. This made the movie much more difficult to write and shoot.

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